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Roaming Photobooth Explained!

Roaming photobooth isn’t the most common of photo booths. You may have heard the phrase before but what exactly does it mean?

History of the roaming photobooth

Let’s go back a few decades! One of the very first indications of a photo booth experience at an event were disposable cameras. They were fairly inexpensive back in the day. Most people invested big money into film cameras. Not so now with phone cameras attempting to compete with the professional camera market.

Disposable camera were readily available for holiday snaps or occasions where people didn’t want to tote a heavy camera. Couples would put them on their wedding tables and let guests snap away. It’s a fun idea to be sure. The only issue is that guests still need to know a little about what they’re doing! Developing film is costly. The last thing you want is a roll of blurry photos or photos from inside a toilet cubicle (yep, it happens!).

Some photographers offer reception packages. However let our pro photographer background let you in on a little secret – most photographers don’t like shooting receptions. Photography packages will include your ceremony and professional photos, and maybe a staged cake cutting shot. After that most photographers will finish for the evening. Why’s that? Because most couples don’t buy prints of “crowd” shots at their reception.

Roaming photo booth for the modern day

Enter, the roaming photobooth idea. A photo booth intersects perfectly with professional photography. When the reception starts, everyone starts to relax. It’s the perfect time for un-posed, candid shots. Sure – they may not be enlarged on your wall. Rest assured though some of your most precious wedding day memories will be capture in those candid shots.

The booth is built for candid in the best way! We all know how a photo booth works – or you will do if you’ve been to a wedding in the last decade! A roaming photobooth is a bit different though and we’ll explain why.

At In the Booth, our roaming photobooth service is via our unique Guest Cam. Guests can literally “roam” your celebration and snap away on their own device. Their photos, aka Guest Cams, will print out of the booth. Voila, your very own roaming photo booth without compromising on a traditional photo booth experience! Check out the sweet little video below.

There’s no limit on how many Guest Cams your guest can capture. They are most welcome to snap away all night! Every image captured will be safely stored in your USB folio that is sent to you after your celebration. We get so many emails from past customers surprised by the fun photos that they didn’t even know were taken!

The best feature without a doubt of our roaming photobooth is that we print. Many roaming services will capture the photos to be sent to you afterwards digitally. Not so with Guest Cam! Print and digital are all part of the hire package at no additional cost.

So what are you waiting for? Enquire today!