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Slo-Mo Photo Booth

Low and Slo.

If you’re looking for slow motion booth hire, you’ve come to the right place! If you haven’t giggled until your sides hurt over a slo-mo video, then you haven’t lived. With In the Booth, your guests have the option to create unlimited Slo-Mo videos along with all our other awesome experiences. Get ready to whip your hair, because this is the stuff social media is made of.

Secondly, it’s easy peasy. Your guests can choose ‘Slo-Mo’ via the photo booth touch screen and away they go. The booth will capture a short burst of video footage and slooooowwwww it down until it’s…well…hilarious.

What isn’t slow is how fast the booth prints out your guests’ unique download code for their slo-mo masterpiece. Enter the code into our you-beaut app and without delay, slo-mo experiences are instantly on your device.

You’re going to want to be laughing over what your guests get up to in your own time, which is why every slo-mo experience captured in the booth will be waiting on your USB folio.

How do my guests get their Slo-Mo?

We’re so glad you asked. The booth will print a unique download code for your guests to enter into the In the Booth app. From there, it’s just a spot of modern-day magic and their Slo-Mo creation will download straight to their device. In a word, your Nan will be slo-mo’ing with the best of them.

Does this mean my slow motion booth hire doesn’t print?

No way, Jose. At In the Booth, we’re all about offering one photo booth, but with unlimited experiences for guests. This means that your guests will be able to choose from photos, Gif, video messages or Slo-Mo via our touch screen every time they enter the booth. In other words, it’s unlimited on choice and unlimited on fun.

What can my guests get up to with a Slo-Mo booth?

The rules are, there ain’t no rules. The only thing you need to ask is, how creative will your guests get? The booth is the ultimate creative space where your guests will clutch each other’s arms shouting, “Quick! What should we do?!” Belly laughs and creativity will abound – we guarantee it. Just check out what our past customers had to say.

Is there any limit to how many Slo-Mo’s my guests can create?

Not at all. The very nature of Slo-Mo is once your guests have a taste of it, they don’t want to stop at one! Creativity tends to breed creativity, and once your guests are feeling inspired, they’ll be off and away. Who will be crowned Slo-Mo King at your event?

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