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Interested in a photo booth business?

In the Booth are seeking self-motivated people that are passionate about creating exceptional special event experiences.

As a member of the In the Booth photo booth franchise network, you will be supported by a dedicated Head Office team. We have an unstoppable work ethic and a deep-seated passion for the wedding and event industry. Moreover after fifteen years in an industry that bears almost the same age, we provide the systems and experience that is vital for success. Event industry experience is not essential, however a genuine heart for customer service certainly is!


A photo booth is just a empty box.

In the Booth’s mission is to be the most loved photo booth company.

A photo booth by itself is nothing more than an empty box.

It is our people and their unrivalled dedication to customer service excellence that are the heart of our company. They have allowed us to continue our purpose since our first booth snapped its first photo. Our longevity isn’t just thanks to our photo booths. It’s thanks to our people and our customers.


We make photo booth magic.

While our photo booths themselves are important, they’re really just a beautiful meeting place for everything that is In the Booth.

Photo booth manufacturers love to claim the title of the fastest set up or the widest range of booth models. We have discovered our customers are not interested in either of those things during our fifteen years in the industry.

Above all, they are interested in high-quality photo booth experiences where magic will happen for their guests behind our curtain.


Proven model and systems.

An In the Booth photo booth franchise offers protected operating territories. Franchisees have the assurance that an identical competitor will not be opening their doors down the street. In contrast, In the Booth’s focus remains on finding and thrilling new customers, not selling more photo booth machines.

We pay close attention to market shifts and customer desires however we are not reactionary to trends. We do not look over the fence at our competitors; rather we look internally to our own customers. In the Booth has developed every product success (and every product failure!) soley in-house.


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  • Terms of Enquiry: In the Booth welcomes enquiries from all interested parties who seek information with a genuine desire to explore becoming part of the In the Booth network. We take the success of our existing and future partners seriously, and non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements will be required from all parties before the release of any detailed information. By submitting this form you declare that information is being sought for the sole purpose described above, and further declare that information is not being sought for any other purpose either for self or on behalf of another person or operator or interested party currently operating in or potentially entering into the photo booth industry. Obtaining commercial information under false pretence or via deceptive means is a breach of Australian Consumer Law, (previously known as the Trade Practices Act) and details of any parties found to be engaging in such conduct shall be forwarded to our solicitors for action under s18 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Cth. These Terms of Enquiry must be agreed to below before this form can be submitted.

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Locations Available Now!

In the Booth photo booth business locations are available now, all over Australia. If you don’t see your home town listed, please free free to reach out.


How it all started.


Customers first. Booths second.

Without happy customers, there would be no In the Booth.
If there were no successful franchisees, there would be no In the Booth.
Should the franchisor not be successful, there would be no In the Booth.


We look for exceptional people.

Hardworking individuals who love the In the Booth brand make incredible business owners. In the Booth franchisees are at all stages of life, but all have support within our hardworking community.

An In the Booth franchise offers flexibility and exceptionally low running costs and fixed overheads. Passionate and motivated franchisees find their business offers excellent return on investment.

Vehicle 1

We’re in it for the long haul.

A franchise agreement is for a set term and can be compared to a business ‘marriage’.

During that period, In the Booth and the franchisee have a mutual agreement. The agreement is to operate under the In the Booth brand with excellence, integrity and quality communication. Likewise, franchisees have what they need for success under the banner of a trusted and recognised brand.

15 Years

Fifteeen years of experience.

When it comes to boothing, rest assured we know our stuff. We have the benefit of having been around since day dot of the photo booth industry – and there’s not many business owners who can say that.

Our fifteen years of boothing experience backs our entire support structure to our franchise partners. Many of the ‘new business’ hurdles can be avoided by the experience our team bring to the table.


Our kind of people.


So you want to be a Boother?

If you have a commitment to excellence in service and business relationships, let’s chat! We’d love to talk to you about bringing an In the Booth photo booth business to your home town.

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