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Gif Photo Booth

Gif Booth Hire and beyond!

Our booths may have a gorgeous retro-exterior, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer the latest in digi-fun! Your guests have the option to create unlimited Gifs with our Gif booth hire to take their photo booth fun to new heights. They’re snappy, they’re easy and often hilarious!

Guests simply select the ‘Gif’ option via the photo booth touch screen and then…well, they’re only limited by their creativity. Listen for the squeals as the countdown starts while they’re still figuring out what to do.

Guests can create as many Gif’s as they like and all of their fine work is instantly downloadable to their device via our infamous app. Don’t think all their handiwork will be kept secret though! All Gif experiences created by your guests will also be included in your gorgeous USB folio provided to you after your event.

But what is a Gif exactly?

Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format, but that’s just the geeky side of us coming out. The part you need to know is that the booth will take a heap of photos, really fast, and then loop them to make them more awesome.

One photo booth.
Endless experiences.

If you’re doing your Gif booth hire research (as you should be!) you’ve probably noticed that you need to choose from a booth that offers instant printing OR Gif services. With In the Booth, you’ve got the best of all the worlds, all in one gorgeous package. Only In the Booth offers traditional photo booth prints, video messaging, Gif and Slo-Mo experiences and our infamous Guest Cam service, all in one!

So how do guests view their Gifs?

Great question. With In the Booth, there’s no entering your phone number or email address or ‘click this link’. After making their Gif, the booth will print out a unique download code. Your guests enter their code into the In the Booth app and – whooshka – their Gif arrives fresh from the cloud to their device. Guests can enter their code 30 seconds after their booth session or a month later – we don’t mind.

Groovy. So will guests use a
Gif booth?

You betcha. All those options on our touch screen are just too tempting to resist. No-one can resist giving everything a try at least once…Gif included! We’d rather our past customers speak louder than we do though, so check out what over 450 of them had to say here.


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