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Bonbonniere Ideas

Why do I need bonbonniere ideas again? And what exactly IS bonbonniere?! Great question! It is a strange word for sure. Bonbonnière is a derivative of the noun bon-bon, literally “good-good”. In other words it’s French baby talk for “candy” (especially chocolate candy).

Bonbonniere; 1) A small ornamental box or lidded jar for confectionery 2) A fragrant-smelling party favour given out on special occasions such as weddings.

How do you thank someone for attending one of the biggest days of your life without saying ‘thank so coming’ to 100 of your nearest and dearest? The bonbonniere is a wedding traditional originating in France approximately 300 years ago and often is a fragrance or sweet. In modern times, bonbonnieres can be anything from chocolates, stubby cooler, bottle openers, candles, cakes and even personalised wine bottles.

Here are our best bonbonniere ideas!

For the Foodie:

Nothing says ‘celebration’ quite like cake! Why not send your guests home with a big slice of it? Gifting sweet treats for your bonbonniere is a great way to ensure your guests don’t miss out on wedding cake. Personalised cupcakes, cookies, mini pretzels or chocolates all make a great bonbonnieres and we can guarantee there won’t be any leftovers!

For the Green Thumb:

The ever growing popularity of succulents can make for a great bonbonniere. This one is great for the bride who likes to get crafty. Head down to your local nursery to see their selections of tiny succulents then customise them any way you like. Not to mention you can even go as far as mini terrariums for each guest.

For the Boozy Couples:

Let’s face it, weddings and alcohol go hand in hand and if you’re a drinker, there’s a high chance so are your guests. A great way to say thank you for attending your wedding is to send your guests home with a mini of your favourite champagne or red.

Bonbonniere Ideas

For the Scent Lover:

Everyone loves a fresh, sweet smelling candle so why not use this as your bonbonniere? This can mirror the bride and groom’s favourite smell, be a nod to a memory the couple have shared or it can be just because it smells good! You can guarantee a candle will be used and appreciated by all your guests.

For the Cook:

Happen to be a bit of a wizard in the kitchen? For a great DIY bonbonniere idea why dust off your apron and hit the kitchen? Small homemade goods make amazing bonbonnieres! From homemade jams, relish, infused oils, lemoncello or even honey – the options are really endless here!

For the Cold Hands:

Stubby Coolers! Everyone knows and loves this bonbonniere idea – it really does scream ‘classic Australian party favour.’ Additionally stubby coolers are completely customisable and are guaranteed to be used – we all know you can never have too many!

For the Cuppa Lovers:

Nothing like a nice cup of tea to make you feel all warm and cosy at the end of a night. Why not gift your guests a tasty and relaxing tea blend? With endless flavour options this can give you guests something new and delicious to try as sharing one of your favourite drinks – it’s the little things that count, right?

For the Photo Booth Enthusiasts:

Last but certainly not least, Enter the magic of photo booth prints! Our photo booth is guaranteed to entertain whilst providing endless gifts for your guests at the same time. Your guests will literally have piles of photo booth and Guest Cam prints to take home at the end of your special day.