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Photo Booth Print Quality

On 31 Mar | '2016


Never be afraid to ask for physical samples of photo booth prints from a company you are considering hiring to check the photo booth print quality.

If you were shopping for an engagement ring, you probably did some research online first. Maybe you even window shopped for a while; ‘subtly’ pointing out your favourites to your significant other. But when push came to shove, we bet you wanted to try that baby on your finger!

Just like your ring, the suppliers you choose for your wedding should all be tried on for size in person. A website and Facebook page can only show you so much. You should take the opportunity to touch and feel the products that will combine to create your ideal day. For some suppliers, they may have a studio or office you can visit but if not, ask where you can meet them in person at a bridal expo or open day.

Always try to see the booth you are hiring for yourself and create your own print samples. If that’s not possible, request physical print samples to be sent to you in the mail.

The print to the left above was received by friends of ours from a booth that wasn’t ‘In the Booth’. It is only a couple of years old and was stored safely, out of direct sunlight. You can see how the clear coating (which includes the actual image) on the strip is peeling off and the images are scratched and pitted. This is a sign of a low quality photo booth printer and poor quality print paper. Sadly, this is the heartbreaking reality of what can happen to your memories if photo booth companies cut costs where they shouldn’t.

If you buy a $10 work out top from Big W, you don’t expect it to last forever. However, if you purchase a $90 work out top from Lorna Jane, you would expect to get years out of it.

But we’re not talking about gym wear here.

We’re talking about your wedding. Your much awaited 21st birthday. Your Nan and Pop’s surprise 50th anniversary.

These pictures are going to take pride of place in your guest book for years to come. They’re going to be in wallets, on fridges and in frames.

When your grandchildren drag out your albums to marvel at your wedding day, you will want the colours to be as vivid as they are in your memory.

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