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photo booth hire time

On 1 Jun | '2016

When it comes to events, timing is everything. A well-executed event needs a well thought out plan!

Your party, wedding or Christmas party will have a time frame. This is usually pre-determined by the times you have hired your venue for.

Event timing for your vendors consists of three main sections: set up time (bump in), event time and pack down time (bump out). For event logistics to run smoothly, you need your suppliers to work in harmony with your venue’s requirements.

All You Need To Know When It Comes To Photo Booth Hire Time

Venue requirements For Photo Booth Hire Time

Remember to check with your venue how much time they allow prior to your guests’ arrival (i.e. the official start of your event) for set up. Just because Aunty May is doing the centrepieces doesn’t mean someone at your venue will be available to let her in at 7am! Your venue is sure to have guidelines your other suppliers will need to work within. Don’t forget that venue staff work into the wee hours and there may not be someone present at your venue for set up requirements until late morning or even early afternoon.


Vendor requirements For Photo Booth Hire Time

Ask any wedding vendor about timing disasters and they are sure to be able to tell you some stories! We’ve seen everything from cakes melting in the heat because a venue was unattended to vendors struggling to load in because they weren’t told there were three flights of stairs at the venue. This is why communication with your venue and vendors is so important. Vendors love nothing more than a well thought out run sheet that specifies timing and requirements!

If you have hired specialist vendors to assist in creating event magic for you, trust their advice. They have seen it all and will want only the best for your special day. Don’t forget also that they are running a business – just because you would like them to drive to your venue three hours away and set up at 10am and send a staff member back at 6pm, doesn’t mean that will be logistically possible! Your vendors will do everything they can to assist you, but remember to be understanding if your timing requirements incur an additional fee.


Set up and Pack down time (Bump in and Bump out)

Every vendor will require some allocated bump in and bump out time. Some vendors may charge additionally for set up and pack down. Some may include it, but the time will encroach on your hire time i.e. a five hour package will give you four hours of photo booth use and one hour is allocated to set up and pack down. Some companies will set up and pack down their equipment on their own time.

Again, this comes down to clear communication with your vendor. Be clear and reasonable about your requirements and put your event timing in writing for your vendor to refer to. Always clarify what your total hire cost includes and ask for additional items to be detailed clearly.


Everyone wins

The best solution for everyone is to select a photo booth hire package length that matches your venue hire time. Trust us – when a photo booth is present, your guests will flock to it like Kanye West to a microphone 😉 We’ve seen many a sad face when guests have to be told the booth isn’t opening until after dinner! Just like you wouldn’t want your beautiful table centre pieces cleared away before you guests have even finished their main meal, the last thing you want for your special event is your photo booth being set up or packed up whilst everything is in full swing!

In the Booth’s bump in and bump out time doesn’t encroach on your hire time in any way. Set up is completed prior to the start of your event so the booth will be hot to trot the moment your guests lay their eyes on it. We believe a celebration should be similar to a carefully produced broadway play – when the curtain goes up, we’re on show until the curtain goes down!

When the time comes to wind things up, the booth will keep firing right up to the last moment (there’s always time for last shots!). Whilst the tables are being cleared and there’s kisses and hugs all round, we’ll quietly pack up and leave like we were never there.

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