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How To Stop Time In The Photo Booth

On 15 Nov | '2018

Say photo booth and you might think posing, props and fun – and you’d be right! A booth will bring timeless entertainment to any celebration and that’s certainly what we’re there for. When the last slice of cake has been eaten and the confetti has settled, you’ll take a moment to see what your guests got up to behind the curtain – and while there’ll be plenty of hysterical moments, it’s the ones you might be least expecting that will have truly stopped time in the booth. We encourage our customers and guests alike to always find time to stop time in the photo booth. It’s so often the images we expect the least that we treasure the most.

How To Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

The Grandparents

  • Encourage Nan and Pop to capture a portrait on their own. They’ll most likely be dressed in their Sunday best and when was the last time they had a great photo together? There’ll be no one watching and they’ll have the privacy they may need to capture that perfect family treasure.
  • Invite your Nan and Grandad into the booth for some special photos ‘just with you’. They are thrilled to be sharing the occasion with you and if they know you’ve set aside a few moments just for them, those photos will mean even more.
  • Don’t leave it too late in the evening to get those special photos with your grandparents. Elderly people often leave parties or wedding receptions earlier rather than later and there’s nothing worse than regret over the shots you didn’t take. Enlist a close friend or family member to remind you early on in the evening.

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

Special Family

  • Make sure the bride and groom or the birthday girl or boy grab their parents, grandparents (and all of the above together!) for a booth session of all the generations. Mix it up by capturing plenty of combinations of both sides of the family. These photos will form an amazing album of the family tree.
  • Line up your mum, sister and anyone else you need for those all-important family shots so you can take them all at the same time. If your grandparents are in poor health, it just makes sense to get them into the booth once and take all your photos continuously rather than getting them up and down from their table.
  • Make a list of special photo booth photos you’d like to capture throughout your reception – you’ll be surprised how fast those 5-6 hours pass by! Entrust the list to your bridesmaid or responsible family member so they can remind you throughout the night of the photos you have yet to take. Your photo booth attendant will be only too happy to help as well!

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!


  • Now that you’ve captured the older folk, don’t forget the young’uns! Babies dressed in their gorgeous wedding outfits are the stuff memories are made of. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back and saying “look how tiny she was!” There’s rarely a shortage of family members willing to hold a bonnie babe for a photo!
  • Don’t leave it too late in the evening to try to get your photo booths shots with babies. They will definitely get tired as the night wears on so get in nice and early to grab those gummy smiles!
  • The photo booth might be a bit imposing for tiny babies! Enlist mum or dad to duck down just below the camera so they’re out of sight, but bub knows they are safe and are more likely to offer some beautiful smiles!

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

The Guests of Honour

  • Being the guest or guests of honour can be hectic – everyone wants a hug! Don’t let time slip away without capturing your own memories. For our newlyweds, booth time may be the only moments you spend alone all day! Take as many opportunities as you can to step into the booth, just be with your loved one and breathe it all in.
  • Don’t worry – your photo booth attendant will do his or her best to ensure time doesn’t slip away without you capturing some moments together.
  • Get creative in the booth! Show off those new wedding rings; take in your ’21’ balloons or the company mascot! There’s special items at every event that make unique props and fantastic photo booth photos.

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  • Before the hair comes down, the shoes come off and the bouquets are misplaced, make sure you nab some gorgeous images with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. These beautiful portraits will showcase your day and be a wonderful addition to your professional photos from your wedding photographer.
  • Bridesmaids, gather your bouquets and groomsmen show your matching socks! Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen get photos together showing off the extra special touches from the day.

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

Costumed Guests

  • Costume parties are treasure troves of memorable images! This is the stuff photo walls at twenty firsts, thirtieths, fortieths and more are made of! These photos may not be a timeless portrait, but they are a whole lot of fun and will most certainly have #stoppedtimeinthebooth in years to come!
  • For costume parties with ‘couple costumes’ or even themed groups (Wiggles tribute show, anyone?) make sure everyone gets a photo together. From Mr and Mrs Incredible to Tarzan and Jane, the booth is the ideal way to capture some bright, fun and fantastic images from your dress up birthday party.

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

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