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How Does In The Booth’s Guest Cam Service Work?

On 29 Nov | '2018

In The Booth’s guest cam service is an incredibly popular feature of the In the Booth app. Guest Cam was specially designed to allow guests at weddings, birthdays and corporate events to capture photos on their mobile phone via our free app that then print instantly out of the booth – just like traditional photo booth prints. It’s fun, it’s addictive and it gives you a guest-eye view of your event like no other!


All About In The Booth’s Guest Cam Service.

In the Booth's Guest Cam Service

What Do I Need To Do To Have Guest Cam Enabled For My Event?

In The Booth’s guest cam service, just like the rest of the In the Booth app, are offered at no additional cost for all events. In the Booth customers can choose to have Guest Cam enabled, or to leave it turned off if it doesn’t suit the nature of your event. Once you have confirmed a booking for your photo booth hire with In the Booth, you will be provided with a custom online booking portal where you can select all your preferred options for your photo booth – including Guest Cam! Simply let us know if you would like Guest Cam enabled for your event and provide us with your unique code. You might like to use your name and birthday such as ‘SKYE21’ or something unique to your event such as ‘AWARDS18’. Your guests will enter this code into the app once only and will then be able to snap away all night! There’s no limit to how many Guest Cam images your guests can take and no logging into social media or uploading photos to a public Instagram account to be able to print. Guest Cam operates exclusively within the app so all images captured are completely private.

How Will My Guests Know About The In The Booth’s Guest Cam Service?

How can we count the ways? Here’s just some of the ways we can assist with to ensure your guests get the most out of Guest Cam at your event:

We have a wide range of resources to choose from for you to email, mail or social media share with your guests prior to your event so they know all about the In the Booth app by the time the party gets started. You might like to include some information with your wedding invitations or even post a video link to your birthday party Facebook event.

Once the event kicks off, there’s even more options to get your guests involved. Perhaps you’d like to place some app information on your guests’ table settings. You Guest Cam code will be clearly displayed near the booth and it always attracts attention on its own! Our attendant will be on hand to assist guests who ask “what’s that code for?” and make sure they start the night off right! The booth itself provides information about the app on the touch screen at the end of every photo session as well. Usually all it takes is one guest capturing their first Guest Cam and showing their friends. As they say, the rest is history!

Does This Mean The Booth Won’t Print Photo Booth Strips?

Not at all! While some of your guests are off capturing some Guest Cam magic, the booth itself will be kept busy with a constant queue of photo booth aficionados! Guest Cam does not detract from the traditional photo booth fun in any way. Essentially it just adds to the variety of experiences guests can have with the booth during your event. You will find guests jump from traditional booth sessions to Guest Cam during the first dance and back again! The two services complement each other beautifully and ensure guests are having the time of their lives in and out of the booth.

In the Booth's Guest Cam Service

What Will My Guest Cam Prints Look Like?

Great question! Guest Cam prints come out of the booth as a 6″x4″ inch print. If you have chosen to have additional graphics and text on your instant prints, your Guest Cam prints will seamlessly match your traditional booth prints. Your guests will have an awesome collection of printed photographs to take home, all time stamped with the details of your event.

Does Guest Cam Need Internet Connection To Work?

Yes. Like any upload or download service, your guests will need internet connection to be able to upload their Guest Cam images to the app and have them print from the booth.

Will I Get To See The Guest Cam Photos My Guests Have Taken During My Event?

You bet! In the beautiful USB folio all our clients receive after their event, you will receive all high-resolution booth images, photo booth prints, video messages and Guest Cam images. Imagine opening up your gorgeous folio after your wedding or milestone birthday party and being able to see your event through your guests’ eyes! Your guests will be able to capture all those moments you couldn’t see yourself as the guest of honour such as cutting the cake, the first dance or when your colleague wins the company performance award.

In the Booth's Guest Cam Service

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