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Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideas are like Christmas gifts. It comes around every year but we’re always under-prepared! October signifies the true start of the busy season with Halloween feeling like a kick off for all the parties to come.

Why is it that as soon as we hit September life seems to go into fast forward mode? No wonder we’re not ready with Halloween costume ideas! September has barely knocked on the door and – poof! – it’s October. Event bookings for photo booth hire certainly start to hot up for the season from September onwards. The Spring weather brings everyone out of hibernation and it’s time to party!

If you’ve stumbled across our blog today looking for Halloween costume ideas we hope we can help out! We’ve attended countless Halloween functions over the years to be sure. In addition, costume parties are a weekly event for In the Booth. The booth and costume parties go hand in hand. Who wants to miss their bestie dressed up like Madonna?! The booth captures everyone at their creative best while you just enjoy yourself.

To be sure, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of incredible costumes over the years. The beauty of Halloween is that there’s no ‘theme’ you have to stick to. There’s the scary overtone of course. However Halloween has always been open to any type of costume available – a true creative free for all!

Classic Halloween Costume Ideas

Righto, let’s start with the classic Halloween option! Scary and Halloween go hand in hand for obvious reasons. Draw your inspiration from any class scary film and you’ll be off and away. Frankenstein, Dracula, Twilight or the Addams Family anyone? You can go as gruesome or non-gruesome as you like, depending on the scare factor you’re going for!

Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

A couples costume is always going to be a winner! There’s so many couples throughout history to choose from. Or, go super creative like our Castaway friends here (“Wiiiillllllllson!!!”). Use Hollywood, the music industry or ancient history as your inspiration and you’ll be off and running to the nearest costume store.

Australian Inspired Halloween Costumes

Where to begin? Australian TV personalities is obviously a good one. Then there’s Australian animals, Australian food…the list goes on! What about going as a Bunnings staff member with a sausage sizzle?! Whether the costume and props are simple or involved, it’s the idea that makes the best costume.

Disney Halloween Costumes

Disney costumes are readily available online or even at Spotlight off the rack. If you’re short on time and not craft, a pre-packaged Disney costume may be for you! Select your favourite Disney character and go from there. It’s the accessories that make it. What would Woody be without his hat and a stuffed Bullseye?

Group Halloween Costumes

A group costume theme comes with big impact! Pick a theme and assign everyone a different role or go crowd effect with one costume type. Think nuns, Pharaohs or a school of fish! The sky really is the limit and your group Halloween costume ideas are bound to turn a few heads.

Unique Halloween Costumes

Last but not least, maybe Halloween 2023 is your year to shine with a stand out costume! One of our favourites was the boulder from Indiana Jones that pretended to follow Indiana around We also love our Mona Lisa here – the perfect example of simple idea with maximum impact!