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To get a photo booth or to not get a photo booth?


Wondering if you should get a photo booth for your next event? Spoiler alert: we reckon you should 😜 To be fair, we’ve got plenty of reasons to back up that statement. If you think the photo booth idea has been ‘done’ the below point should help remind you how awesome they are.

There are plenty of things that have been ‘done’ before at weddings and events. We see them as traditions rather than what’s already been done. For example, phone cameras are everywhere yet you won’t see a wedding without a professional photographer. Dessert is often served at a wedding yet it’s rare there will be a wedding without a cake.

Photo booths have reached that cult status! Let’s rewind to 2007 when In the Booth’s first photo booth was in the planning stages. No one knew what a photo booth was let alone understood what it meant to have one at an event! Fast forward to 2024 and everyone understands what a photo booth is. Guests no longer have to be introduced to the concept or told how to use a touch screen. In the Booth is celebrating our fifteenth birthday this year and it’s incredible to think we had to explain to customers what it meant to get a photo booth for their event! So let’s get down to it! Here’s our top reasons why you should absolutely get a photo booth at your wedding, party or corporate event.


This one you expected! You can never have enough photos. As opposed to the awkward photographer roaming the room, the booths draws guests in. The ‘PHOTOBOOTH’ sign on all our booths literally tells guests in one word the fun that’s to come. Guests are attracted to the booth like moths to a flame.

Get a photo booth


This ties with our first point of photos. You cannot beat the entertainment the booth offers your guests. Photos almost become a by-product of the fun they have! Event entertainment needs to be inherently simple in design. If you’ve got a booth and dancing, your guests will have the best.night.ever.

Get a photo booth

Guest Book

It goes without saying that guest books are kind of boring. Not so with a photo booth! Our guest books are a main attraction during parties and weddings. Guests love adding their photo strips and writing messages and captions. Also did you know the guest book isn’t an extra charge with In the Booth?

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Instant Prints

This one’s a biggie! There isn’t a more exciting photo booth hire moment that when those little prints pop out the side. Guests will tussle to get the first look! We only offer printing packages at In the Booth – we’re not fans of digital only because our guests aren’t. It’s for this reason we advise you check your photo booth company of choice actually prints.

Get a photo booth Hire

Video Guest Book

It’s time for your interview in the booth! Video messages are just plain fun. Furthermore your guests will sing, dance and ham up to the camera in our private enclosed environment. It’s our unique enclosed booths that allow us to capture high definition sound. That’s why you won’t find open photo booth companies offering video services.

Get a photo booth Hire

Digital Experiences

Finally, we’re living in 2024 so despite our vintage roots we’re fully on board with digital too. Our app in addition to Guest Cam, Gif and Slo-Mo round out our digital inclusions for guests to get stuck into. Each time they visit the booth they can choose from one of 5 different experiences. It’s as much fun as the playdough table at a kid’s party!

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