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The Expert’s Guide to Photo Booth Bombing

On 2 Sep | '2016

There are plenty of advantages to booking an enclosed photo booth for your wedding or party, and having that closed curtain just begging for a photo bomb is one of them! Our photo booths fit a crowd without a problem and let’s face it, there’s always room for one more. Here is our expert guide to Photo Booth Bombing for your next event.

The Full Frontal Photo Booth Bombing:

Act like a normal person entering the booth and posing for a normal photo with your normal friends. Position yourself at the front of the pack and bend your knees. Count yourself in and….BOOM. It’s all about you, baby.

Photo Booth Bomb

The Curtain Crasher Photo Booth Bomber:

This works best when you’re next in line for the booth. Let the unsuspecting peeps in front of you go into the booth. Now you wait, all sweet and patient like (mwooh-har-har). Count the flashes, time it right and….crash through that curtain like a bull in a china shop (extra
awkward points if they were kissing).

Photo Booth Fun

The Opportunist Photo Bomber:

Think outside the square. Make like MacGyver and use what’s around you. Seize the opportunity. Create the magic. And most importantly, attempt to out-do your friends.

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