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Considering a Caravan Photo Booth?

Considering a caravan photo booth? Full disclosure – we don’t offer them at In the Booth and we’re happy to talk about why!

Firstly, some background. Photo booth hire includes various components of equipment. Of course there is the ‘booth’ part itself that guests stand or sit in. Then there the technical gear which encompasses a printer, camera and computer system to run the booth’s program. It may seem like a good idea to put all this equipment on wheels in a caravan! Why a caravan photo booth? Well, on one hand most people love a vintage caravan. They’re cute for sure! Another key point from the supplier’s end is that their set up and pack time efforts are greatly reduced. All equipment ‘lives’ in the caravan so there are fewer set up and pack down components.

Some more things to consider when hiring a caravan photo booth:


Indoor wedding reception?

A caravan photo booth will only work for your function if it’s being held in a warehouse style space with vehicle access. The vast majority of event venues we attend have guests celebrating indoors. A booth in a carpark or separate area comes with the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue. Guests tend to forget the caravan photo booth is there and results in less photos. For a photo booth to be truly successful, it needs to be in the same vicinity as your guests. The booth and the dance floor are a match made in heaven! If your guests are inside, so should the booth and dance floor.


Wheelchair Accessibility

Caravan photo booths are of course raised off the ground on wheels. This means guests in wheelchairs or with mobility issues will struggle to use the booth. At In the Booth we include complimentary wheelchair access as standard along with our Guest Cam service for guests that wish to remain seated.

Just talk to our friendly bookings team when you enquire. We’d be more than happy to include our specifications for you and ensure it meets your guests’ needs.


More image bang for your buck

Part of the fun of the booth is squeezing in just a few more! Caravans are surprisingly tight spaces once a few people are inside. Add to that a warm summer’s evening and no air conditioning and things can get a little…heated! Because of the tight space there’s only so much room to fit guests together in a photo. The vast majority of caravan booths require guests to be seated, which means a landscape photo. At In the Booth our images are all captured in portrait orientation. That means your gorgeous wedding dress will be captured in all it’s glory!

The best of indoor and outdoor boothing with Guest Cam

You’re not limited to one location for your event with Guest Cam. A caravan photo booth is tied to one spot in the traditional sense. Not so with Guest Cam! Our open, roaming booth experience lets guests travel your celebration space snapping photo as they please. Their photos will print out back at the booth and they can collect them later – or your friendly attendant may just hand deliver them! Some of our customers set up Guest Cam zones, especially for their guests to enjoy. We’ve seen everything from balloon backdrops to light up letters and everything in between.Wether you opt for an extra special custom backdrop or leave your guests to their own devices, Guest Cam is easy to use and heaps of fun for your guests.

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