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Happy 15th Birthday In the Booth!

What does a birthday party hire company do when it’s their own birthday?! It’s probably a given that we hire a photo booth!

Wow, fifteen years! It seems possible and not possible all at the same time. In the Booth officially opened in April 2009 at a Brisbane wedding expo. If you’ve read our company story you might know some of our background.

No one knew what a photo booth was back then, much less knew that you could get one for birthday party hire. “Sorry, what is it?” was a common question we received when guests first approached the booth. The questions might have changed but one thing certainly hasn’t. it’s the curiosity to know what’s going on behind that velvet curtain!

Prior to our launch, the only photo booths available were traditional passport style booths. These machines were design to stay in one place for passport photos. You can imagine it didn’t work out so well when people tried to move them around for birthday party hire and the like! We knew there had to be a better way.

And so In the Booth was born! We were the first company in Australia to reimagine the photo booth into ‘components’ to make it more portable. Past experiences in the event industry told us the booth had to be able to get in and out of tight spaces. We wanted to enhance the guest experience while still respecting the all-important floorplan.

Many things have changed with our booths as we reflect on the past fifteen years. It’s only natural that companies should grow with technologies and the changing needs of their customers. However, in a world where nothing is forever, we thought we’d celebrate a few things that have remained:

Customer Experience

If it’s not simple to use or doesn’t keep your guests ‘in the moment; we don’t develop it. It’s that simple! A celebration is just that. Our role for birthday party hire and wedding hire is to enhance that celebration, not complicate it. Guests are extremely excitable at events (which is great!). They need to be able to understand what to do, and quickly. We constantly work to seamlessly combine modern day technologies with an old-school simplicity.

Our booths themselves

Everyone reckons their baby is more beautiful and so it is for us! The physical appearance of our booths hasn’t changed since 2009, which we reckon means we got a few things right. Customers from all types of events love the classic styling of our booths and it’s not something we’re going to change any time soon.

Our dedication to old-school customer service

At In the Booth, you won’t be left “Waiting to hear back” or unclear on an answer. The event industry has no time for lack of clarity! We’re here to make your celebration more straightforward, period. There’s no point hiring a photo booth company that leaves you worrying that you should have done it yourself. Special events require specialised services. Don’t make excuses for companies that leave you hanging – seek out companies who give you the customer experience you deserve.

Happy fifteenth birthday In the Booth! Here’s to the next fifteen 🎈