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Audio Guest Book…but with Video!

Audio guest book hire has been introduced to the wedding market in recent times. Have you seen an audio guest book at a recent wedding? They are usually a vintage style telephone that guests can pick up the handset and record a message to the bride and groom.

We’ve had clients ask us if we provide audio guest book hire and we’re happy to say, yes we do! However there’s a few main differences with In the Booth’s service though which we’ll detail below.

Our audio guest book includes video

First and foremost, our favourite reason! In the Booth launched our video guest book service back in 2011 to rave reviews from our customers. Guests can simply select ‘video message’ via the photo booth touch screen and record a fifteen second video. Our enclosed booths record crisp high definition sound along with video of your guests. If you’d like an even more special reason to see why our video booth is a better option when balanced against audio only – check out video #4 below ❤️

We take care of everything

Most audio guest book services will ship you the telephone and associated devices. The customer (that’s you!) is responsible for setting up the equipment at their event. We’ll let you in on a little industry truth – weddings are hectic! Even a job as simple as plugging in and testing hired equipment can add complications to your day. Sure, you can allocate a family member or guests to the task. However, they’re going to have a busy day too. Remember, they’re there to see you get married! If there are any technical problems (and believe us, we’ve seen them all!) who is going to sort those out on the day? The last thing you want is no option for your guests to leave you messages at all.

We include a photo guest book too

But wait, there’s more! All our packages include a physical, traditional style guest book for your guests to add their photos and write personalised messages. In other words, In the Booth hire packages include two types of guest book – video and print. Both are huge hits with different guests for different reasons. The younger crowds absolutely love leaving video messages. Comparatively the older folk write the most beautiful and heartfelt messages in their own words.

The after care is on us

Finally with audio guest book hire you’re also expected to return the telephone recorder to the company you hired it from. It’s just one more thing you need to coordinate and require people power for after your wedding. Hopefully you’re jetting off to Europe, so you don’t want to be worried about who’s taking care of what! In the Booth will collate all your video messages in your beautiful USB folio ready to be shipped to you at a date of your choosing. Honeymooning at home? Great, it will be on the way to you in between 7-14 days. In Europe for a month? Perfect, we’ll automatically ship it to you as soon as you’re home.

Let’s get you boothing!

Let’s get you boothing on film! Send through your enquiry below and we’ll be in touch with a quote.