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Photo Booth Prints Displayed to Perfection

On 1 Nov | '2018

It’s common to feel a bit flat after your special event is done and dusted! After all, you’ve spent many months and hours planning your celebration so it will feel like you’ve got some time back on your hands! Keeping the memories alive is what it’s all about what better way to be reminded of your special day that by your photo booth prints? We’ve got some great display ideas to get your prints out of storage and on display where they belong!

How To Display Your Photo Booth Prints, Perfectly!

Photo Booth Prints

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Considering the First Look For Your Wedding Day

On 25 Oct | '2018

It’s the morning of your big day and there a thousand things running through your mind and happening around you. There is hair and makeup being done, flowers being delivered, making sure the cake has arrived safe and sound, checking the band knows the song choice has changed for the first dance, bribing the flower girl to unlock the bathroom door and making sure your uncle remembers to pick up Nanna. Now imagine stealing a few moments alone with your sweetheart before your life together begins. Are you considering the first look?

What Is The First Look And What’s Involved?

The First Look

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Five Ways to Say Thank You at Your Celebration

On 18 Oct | '2018

Special events are made for bringing people together. We can guarantee you will have had guests travel from near and far and it’s important to incorporate saying thank you throughout your event. Special events are busy and you may not get the chance to speak to everyone personally. We’ve got some awesome ideas for saying thank you that can be woven into the plans for your day so no guest feels left out. These are the best ways to say thank you at your celebration.

ways to say thank you at your celebration

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Photo Booth Hire or Instagram Printer Hire?

On 11 Oct | '2018

If you’re looking for the perfect event entertainment for your guests, it’s hard to go past the ageless entertainment of a photo booth. Every event consists of the basics: family, friends, a venue, food and entertainment. And when it comes to entertainment a photo booth service is a great choice. But which should you use? Photo Booth Hire or Instagram Printer Hire?

There are the unique touches that make your event uniquely you. It doesn’t matter how many other people turned twenty one before you or how many weddings you’ve been to that year. This is your night. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your family and friends are there to celebrate with you.

You’ve probably painstakingly poured over venue options before you made your final selection. Maybe they have a view to die for or rustic charm or the food was to die for. The cake, the table centrepieces….they’re all equally important. You only get to do this once! So it is for your event entertainment. For music, you might go with a DJ or perhaps you’d prefer the ambience of a live band. You’re worried that your guests will be waiting for a bit longer for the reception to open because photos are super important to you, so you’ve booked a super cool magician to keep them entertained. Your soon to be husband’s family are from Korea, so you’ve been rehearsing part of your speech in Korean as a special surprise for them.

There is an endless array of choices for how you can make your event unique. And so it is with your photo booth.

Photo Booth Hire or Instagram Printer Hire?

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The Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

On 4 Oct | '2018

Picture this. You’re at the altar, gazing at the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. You glance over at your family and friends and instead of seeing encouraging smiles and happy tears, you are greeted by everyone looking at their LCD screens!

You may even wonder if was worth hiring a professional photographer when every guest has a iPhone and is tweeting, Facebooking or Instagramming the entire ceremony (not to mention someone tagging you in your gorgeous wedding gown with your mouth hanging open and eyes half shut in an unfortunate capture of you saying your vows).

Your professional photos come back and those priceless images of your nearest and dearest looking at you lovingly and smiling are replaced by phones and devices. They are there with you but are they truly present?

Image via Pinterest, photographer unknown

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Photobooths And Other Ways to Entertain Your Guests

On 27 Sep | '2018

Hosting an important celebration can feel like the Greatest Show on Earth! There’s the invitations, the food, the guest list and let’s not even talk about those RSVPs! Be it a corporate event, a milestone birthday or a wedding, one thing remains the same – we want our party guests to be entertained and have a great time. Set up your event planning Pinterest boards and get pinning because there’s a truck load of unique ideas that will see your guests raving about your celebration for years to come! But if you need some more inspo, then here’s some info on Photobooths and other ways to entertain your guests.

Photobooths And Other Ways To Entertain Your Guests

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Open or Enclosed Photo Booths – What’s the Difference?

On 20 Sep | '2018

There’s no shortage of different styles of photo booths to choose from. The fact that they are referred to as open booths, enclosed booths, towers, stations and every other title in between doesn’t help you feel any less overwhelmed! The most common are open or enclosed photo booths, so for the purpose of this article we will discussing these two options the most.

It’s important to understand the various features of the booth you’re hiring to ensure it’s the right fit for your celebration. What suited your work Christmas party in a club may not be the right fit for your wedding, so it’s essential to compare apples with apples.

Let’s break it down to one of the most obvious choice – open or enclosed Photo Booths?

Open or Enclosed Photo Booths – What’s the Difference?

Open or Enclosed Photo Booths

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Occasions Other Than Weddings A Photobooth Is Perfect For!

On 13 Sep | '2018

When you think of hiring a Photobooth, you’d be forgiven for associating them with weddings only. After all, they are a great way to break the ice on the big day and let your guests get to know each other in a relaxed and funny way. However, there are so many other occasions that a Photobooth is a perfect option to add to the entertainment of the day. And make a significant difference in guest enjoyment. In fact, there are several occasions other than weddings a photobooth is perfect for throughout the year where it will be a standout for everyone involved.

Whether it’s a private party, a work occasion or more, Photobooths are an affordable and exciting option to really get the party going. You can capture candid moments in a fun and interactive way. Add a real touch of entertainment. And add a takeaway element for your guests so they can hold on to the photos that are taken and remember the day for years to come. So exactly what sort of occasions do Photobooths work best for?

These Are The Occasions Other Than Weddings A Photobooth Is Perfect For!

The Occasions Other Than Weddings A Photobooth Is Perfect For

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Heart Warming Winter Event Ideas

On 30 Aug | '2018

There’s just something special about hosting a winter event. Hosting your celebration in our southern states may have your plans focusing on indoor entertainment for your guests whereas our more northern friends may be planning an outdoor spectacular to enjoy the best the cooler months have on offer! Wherever you’re stepping out to celebrate, we’ve got some awesome ideas that will keep your guests cosy, fed, entertained and remembering your event as the!

Here Are A Heart Warming Winter Event Ideas

winter event

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