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Aaron & Rochelle’s Hamilton Island Photo Booth

On 3 Mar | '2019

Aaron and Rochelle had a dream Whitsunday Wedding at the Outrigger Island Resort on Hamilton Island. The stunning sky blue bridesmaid gowns coordinated well with the hues of turquoise in the water and the clear azure sky. The scattering of blue and purple dendrobium orchids through the ivory bouquets added a modern, tropical twist to a classic arrangement. In the Booth Whitsundays were invited along to provide some additional wedding entertainment to the guests and to capture some life-long memories in our Hamilton Island photo booth.

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Photo Booth Hire for Birthday Parties

On 28 Feb | '2019

Got a milestone birthday coming up and you would like to stand out above the rest? A photobooth is the perfect addition to any birthday party celebration. Ensure your guests have a great time and create many fantastic memories that both you and they can cherish for years to come.

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Need a custom photo booth for your product launch?

On 21 Feb | '2019

You’ve already done the hard yards of creating a fantastic new product, and now you’re in the exciting (albeit overwhelming) stages of planning your product launch. Of course, you want it to be a success! You want your guests to enjoy themselves, but you also want to create a lasting impression and build sales momentum. What better way to do both then to invest in a custom photo booth hire for your product launch?

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What to Include in your Wedding Invitations

On 24 Jan | '2019
Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Now that you have set the date for your big day, locked in the perfect venue, made a start on booking your celebrant, photographer, and photobooth hire it’s time to start on those invitations to your (almost figured out) guest list!

Your wedding invitations, aside from providing your nearest and dearest with the pertinent details of your impending nuptials, are also the first glimpse into your theme and styling. There are big decisions to be made – will they be made predominantly of paper, acrylic or laser cut wood? Will they be tri-fold, pocketed or postcard style? Are you going to DIY (#bridesmaidduties) or outsource? Should they be addressed from your parents or from yourselves as a couple? Aside from the ‘who, what, when, where and why’s – what do I include with my wedding invitations?

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How Does In The Booth’s Guest Cam Service Work?

On 29 Nov | '2018

In The Booth’s guest cam service is an incredibly popular feature of the In the Booth app. Guest Cam was specially designed to allow guests at weddings, birthdays and corporate events to capture photos on their mobile phone via our free app that then print instantly out of the booth – just like traditional photo booth prints. It’s fun, it’s addictive and it gives you a guest-eye view of your event like no other!


All About In The Booth’s Guest Cam Service.

In the Booth's Guest Cam Service

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Photo Booth Hire with Green Screen

On 22 Nov | '2018

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Green Screen! So what is Green Screen exactly? Green Screen is basically some photography magic-y trickery! Guests are photographed in front of a green background. Using some super powered software, the green background can be replaced with an image of anything you can think of. Have you ever visited a major landmark and had a tourist photo where they insert the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower behind you? Yep, that’s Green Screen! Green Screen is only limited by your creativity. These days you can have organise Photo Booth Hire with green screen at any of your upcoming events.

Photo Booth Hire with Green Screen

What Can Photo Booth Hire With Green Screen Be Used For At My Event?

Anything you like! Imagine a travel event where you would like guests to appear to “visit” exotic locations. Perhaps you have a circus theme for a corporate function and would like guests to be photographed in the big top. In our example, our client wanted guests to be able to dive down to the Great Barrier Reef! It’s a lot of fun for guests and you just know those photo booth prints are going to end up on fridges everywhere – hello, market retention!

Photo Booth Hire with Green Screen

So the Green Screen is inside the photo booth?

That’s right. In the Booth is one of the few services on the market that offer a Green Screen service within our enclosed photo booths. Green Screen doesn’t require any additional space or equipment that is visible to guests through the booth. Our booths are exceptionally versatile in their design and you’d be amazed what we can do in there 😉 When guests enter the booth, all they’ll notice that’s different is a green backdrop where the usual backdrop would be. When they collect their photo booth prints…voila….the green backdrop has magically disappeared and been replaced with your chosen image. Your guests will truly get a surprise when they collect their instant prints from the booth!

Photo Booth Hire with Green Screen

So….How Come Those Fish Look So Cool?

Thank you, we’re glad you noticed! As well as Green Screen, we can ‘layer’ certain elements of the image as though they appear in front of the guests in the booth. For example, in the jungle theme you may like a snake to appear to drape down in front of the guests. It all depends on the image you choose. Further branding can also be incorporated into your print design which can include your event details or even be an extension of your Green Screen image. For example, your Green Screen images may have Guests standing in front of the pyramids and the print design could have a desert background. The overall effects will be stunning and limitless!

Photo Booth Hire with Green Screen

Does This Replace The Branding On My Photo Booth Print Design?

Absolutely not. In fact, the branding on your print design will just extend the end result. Image your Green Screen images and the design on the photo booth strip as a ‘layered’ effect that is only limited by your imagination. Corporate logos or event information are often included on the print design area. The In the Booth design team will work with you to make the absolute most of your photo booth print real estate.

Photo Booth Hire with Green Screen

What Sort Of Events Have You Attended With Green Screen In The Photo Booth?

Anything and everything you can imagine. From travel expos that have guests ‘visiting’ multiple exotic countries in their photos from taking them under the sea or onto a Formula 1 race track or the cover of Vogue magazine – Green Screen is the boat to take your guests there. If you have a corporate function coming up that needs some extra pizazz, chat to us about your theme and what you’d like to achieve. You might like to transport your guests to the Gatsby era or to the Hollywood carpet. Maybe you’re looking to reward your staff for the best year ever or ensure your brand graces the fridge of every guest at your event. We’d love to hear your ideas!

How To Stop Time In The Photo Booth

On 15 Nov | '2018

Say photo booth and you might think posing, props and fun – and you’d be right! A booth will bring timeless entertainment to any celebration and that’s certainly what we’re there for. When the last slice of cake has been eaten and the confetti has settled, you’ll take a moment to see what your guests got up to behind the curtain – and while there’ll be plenty of hysterical moments, it’s the ones you might be least expecting that will have truly stopped time in the booth. We encourage our customers and guests alike to always find time to stop time in the photo booth. It’s so often the images we expect the least that we treasure the most.

How To Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

Stop Time In The Photo Booth!

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Why Photo Booth Quality Is Important

On 8 Nov | '2018

Researching products you don’t know much about can be frustrating. It’s not like a website is going to publish reviews from unsatisfied customers. Claims such as ‘Australia’s #1 Whatever-it-is’ flow thick and fast and all that’s needed is a slick looking website and a savvy graphic designer. That’s why it’s so important to dig deeper. Locate your inner Super Sleuth and make sure the claims made on a website line up with the service you’re going to receive. Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions….and more questions. Especially when it comes to an important day where your using a photo booth.  Photo Booth quality is important. Here’s a handy list of topics you may like to add to your list for your prospective photo booth hire company.

Photo Booth Quality Is Important- Here’s What To Ask!

Photo Booth Quality

Image courtesy of Luke Middlemiss Photography

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Photo Booth Prints Displayed to Perfection

On 1 Nov | '2018

It’s common to feel a bit flat after your special event is done and dusted! After all, you’ve spent many months and hours planning your celebration so it will feel like you’ve got some time back on your hands! Keeping the memories alive is what it’s all about what better way to be reminded of your special day that by your photo booth prints? We’ve got some great display ideas to get your prints out of storage and on display where they belong!

How To Display Your Photo Booth Prints, Perfectly!

Photo Booth Prints

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Considering the First Look For Your Wedding Day

On 25 Oct | '2018

It’s the morning of your big day and there a thousand things running through your mind and happening around you. There is hair and makeup being done, flowers being delivered, making sure the cake has arrived safe and sound, checking the band knows the song choice has changed for the first dance, bribing the flower girl to unlock the bathroom door and making sure your uncle remembers to pick up Nanna. Now imagine stealing a few moments alone with your sweetheart before your life together begins. Are you considering the first look?

What Is The First Look And What’s Involved?

The First Look

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