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Open or Enclosed Photo Booths – What’s the Difference?

On 20 Sep | '2018

There’s no shortage of different styles of photo booths to choose from. The fact that they are referred to as open booths, enclosed booths, towers, stations and every other title in between doesn’t help you feel any less overwhelmed! The most common are open or enclosed photo booths, so for the purpose of this article we will discussing these two options the most.

It’s important to understand the various features of the booth you’re hiring to ensure it’s the right fit for your celebration. What suited your work Christmas party in a club may not be the right fit for your wedding, so it’s essential to compare apples with apples.

Let’s break it down to one of the most obvious choice – open or enclosed Photo Booths?

Open or Enclosed Photo Booths – What’s the Difference?

Open or Enclosed Photo Booths

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Occasions Other Than Weddings A Photobooth Is Perfect For!

On 13 Sep | '2018

When you think of hiring a Photobooth, you’d be forgiven for associating them with weddings only. After all, they are a great way to break the ice on the big day and let your guests get to know each other in a relaxed and funny way. However, there are so many other occasions that a Photobooth is a perfect option to add to the entertainment of the day. And make a significant difference in guest enjoyment. In fact, there are several occasions other than weddings a photobooth is perfect for throughout the year where it will be a standout for everyone involved.

Whether it’s a private party, a work occasion or more, Photobooths are an affordable and exciting option to really get the party going. You can capture candid moments in a fun and interactive way. Add a real touch of entertainment. And add a takeaway element for your guests so they can hold on to the photos that are taken and remember the day for years to come. So exactly what sort of occasions do Photobooths work best for?

These Are The Occasions Other Than Weddings A Photobooth Is Perfect For!

The Occasions Other Than Weddings A Photobooth Is Perfect For

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Heart Warming Winter Event Ideas

On 30 Aug | '2018

There’s just something special about hosting a winter event. Hosting your celebration in our southern states may have your plans focusing on indoor entertainment for your guests whereas our more northern friends may be planning an outdoor spectacular to enjoy the best the cooler months have on offer! Wherever you’re stepping out to celebrate, we’ve got some awesome ideas that will keep your guests cosy, fed, entertained and remembering your event as the!

Here Are A Heart Warming Winter Event Ideas

winter event

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The Expert’s Guide to Photo Booth Bombing

On 2 Sep | '2016

There are plenty of advantages to booking an enclosed photo booth for your wedding or party, and having that closed curtain just begging for a photo bomb is one of them! Our photo booths fit a crowd without a problem and let’s face it, there’s always room for one more. Here is our expert guide to Photo Booth Bombing for your next event.

The Full Frontal Photo Booth Bombing:

Act like a normal person entering the booth and posing for a normal photo with your normal friends. Position yourself at the front of the pack and bend your knees. Count yourself in and….BOOM. It’s all about you, baby.

Photo Booth Bomb

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photo booth hire time

On 1 Jun | '2016

When it comes to events, timing is everything. A well-executed event needs a well thought out plan!

Your party, wedding or Christmas party will have a time frame. This is usually pre-determined by the times you have hired your venue for.

Event timing for your vendors consists of three main sections: set up time (bump in), event time and pack down time (bump out). For event logistics to run smoothly, you need your suppliers to work in harmony with your venue’s requirements.

All You Need To Know When It Comes To Photo Booth Hire Time

Venue requirements For Photo Booth Hire Time

Remember to check with your venue how much time they allow prior to your guests’ arrival (i.e. the official start of your event) for set up. Just because Aunty May is doing the centrepieces doesn’t mean someone at your venue will be available to let her in at 7am! Your venue is sure to have guidelines your other suppliers will need to work within. Don’t forget that venue staff work into the wee hours and there may not be someone present at your venue for set up requirements until late morning or even early afternoon.


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Photo Booth Print Quality

On 31 Mar | '2016


Never be afraid to ask for physical samples of photo booth prints from a company you are considering hiring to check the photo booth print quality.

If you were shopping for an engagement ring, you probably did some research online first. Maybe you even window shopped for a while; ‘subtly’ pointing out your favourites to your significant other. But when push came to shove, we bet you wanted to try that baby on your finger!
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the photo booth hire for all occasions

On 21 Jan | '2016

Looking for a photo booth? We have photo booth hire for all occasions. It is not by accident that our photo booths look beautiful in every location and compliment every event theme. By design, our booths are intentionally crafted with the unique personalities of our guests in mind.   We have prioritised the beauty of our booths to ensure the classic aesthetic lends itself to customisation and that the clean lines contribute to the styling of your event, rather than detract from it. Which means there is no need to hide it, because the booth looks equally at home at a garden party as it does in the elegant dining hall of the historic building or warehouse restaurant you have chosen for your event.

After 8000+ events, one thing we know is that you do not want to hide your booth, or tuck it away in a hallway or out of sight corner. When you hire a photo booth, it becomes both memory maker and part of the entertainment. Where you place your booth can be directly related to how many moments and memories your guests create.  ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is not something you want to ring true for the booth component of your meticulously planned event!

Examples Of Photo Booth Hire For All Occasions

It is the classic lines of our photo booths that ensure their versatility and that they work with any theme. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some examples:

The Rustic Vintage Wedding/Event:

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